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    PO Box 112 Middleburg ,FL 32068


    Do you ship?

    yes we do ship.

    where are you located?

    Jacksonville Fl.

    What kind of cookies are these?

    They are a Chamorro cookie made in the island of Guam called Rosketti. They are a cross between a butter/ shortbread cookie.

    Do you make large amounts like for weddings?

    Yes we do .weddings, birthday parties, showers, football games, Hallmark holidays or even business meetings.

    Does this product contain allergens?

    Yes they do. Allergy warning we do use almonds ,wheat, dairy and soy in our products.

    How many come in a box?

    Boxes come in 36ct (3 dozen)

    what do you get in a box?

    You have a choice of mixed or plain.

    Can you order different colors?

    yes you can have fine sugar, big sugar and vanilla in colors to match your party. but only on large orders.

    How long does it take to ship?

    cookies are made fresh and take a few days turn around time. Holidays may take longer.

    Are all mixed boxes the same?

    No, we are always changing things up with colors, coatings and we are always trying new flavors as we go.

    How are the shipped?

    We vacuum seal them fresh and safety pack them for shipment with ups.


    You can customize orders but must be all one flavor

    Are the Leis handmade?

    Yes they are

    How many colors do you have to for Leis?

    45+( but are subject to availability )

    Do botanicals have soil?

    No ,they are clippings

    How do clipping come?

    They are wrapped in bubble wrap put  in a envelope sent ups . unless you are local.

    Refunds on plants?

    No refunds on plants. Will replace if unhealthy. (must send pic of plants and packaging as proof of damage ) But Not responsible for plants shipped in cold weather . all plants can have some shock when transported but will perk up after planted ,watered and had some sun.

    Are plant cuttings all the same?

    No they can vary in size and all are growing tips not middle cuts.