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Keeping the Chamoru Legacy together

Hawaiianish brings the age-old legacy of the Chamoru people to mainland. Extending our love and passion for Rosketti, we strive to bring this buttery goodness from the people of Guam to the people of mainland.

We are a family-owned business essentially preserving our grandma’s recipe, who used to make decadent butter and vanilla shortbread cookies for the local community in Guam.

With Hawaiianish, we endeavor to keep our grandma’s recipe alive by using the same original technique while improvising on the flavor and texture with extra ingredients to evoke the tastebuds even more.

No matter what occasion, Hawaiianish guarantees to make it even more special with its scrumptious cookies. Serve them with tea, coffee or indulge in the flavorful taste on its own. Regardless of how you take them, they are bound to leave you craving for more.


Deep in the Southernmost Mariana islands lies Guam island, a tropical heaven full of exotic beaches and wildlife and a mesmerizing cultural heritage. My Grandmother “Tan Rufina Leon Guerrero” was well known all over  Guam for her delightful delicacies, especially rosketti cookies. It was, in fact, her own recipe that people throughout the village were in awe of. It stayed the talk of the town on every occasion, celebration, or festival for many years

The recipe was passed down to my mother, Antonia Leon Guerrero, who taught me to make these cookies. I learned and mastered the original recipe for years and brought it to the mainland. I tweaked the recipe slightly and made it distinctively mine by minimizing the extra starchy texture while maintaining its original flavor and preserving our Rosketti Legacy.

My ingrained Hawaiian heritage put the “ish” in Hawaiianish, later turning it into a family bakery. Hawaiianish has given us a platform to share our passion for food with the world.

Both Laura(my wife) and I intend to expand our business (and the recipe), by adding more homemade island goods to our confectionery in the near future.  With my cooking and Laura’s splash of creativity, we envisage a business that caters to our customers’ hearts and minds.

Please feel free to get in touch with us over a couple of Roskettis and we would be delighted to tell you more about Hawaiianish and our Guamanian Legacy.

Please feel free to get in touch with us over a couple of Roskettis and we would be delighted to tell you more about Hawaiianish and our Guamanian Legacy.

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Rosketti – made with love for our beloved customers. Paul and I (Laura) share the same passion; to bring some of these fantastic islands treats to the main island and beyond while teaching some culture and Aloha.

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Satisfy your sweet tooth by grabbing your favorite cookies from Hawaiianish – all home baked and warm ready to tantalize your taste buds.

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