3 Most Important Ingredients Used To Bake The Best Butter Cookies

Baking cookies might sound fun and easy but it’s a task that requires extreme concentration and precise measurements. Many people underestimate the role of ingredients in cookies and often use different quantities which results in bad tasting cookies. In order to bake the finest, softest and the tastiest cookies you need to make sure that you know the essential ingredients for cookies and how ingredients affect cookies.

What are the ingredients of cookies?

First of all, let’s go through the list of ingredients required to bake the best baby shower cookies. You need:

  • all purpose flour 2 ½ cup
  • fat / Unsalted butter 2 sticks or 1 cup
  • coarse sugar 1 cup
  • granulated sugar ⅔ cup
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Vanilla Extract 1 tsp
  • egg 1

What are the most essential ingredients of cookies?

Although all these ingredients hold great significance in giving the cookies their sumptuous and fingerlicking taste, three of them hold the most importance.

1. Fat

Fat is a very crucial ingredient in baking cookies.  It not just tenderizes the cookies but makes them crisp and brown, adding the goldenish hue and a wonderful flavor that make cookies what they are. The most common form of fat is butter which ensures excellent baking results with the most mouthwatering appearance, aroma and taste.

For those trying to bake the best butter cookies it is advised to avoid using butter that is low in fat as it has higher water content. That means that its fat level is less than 70 percent fat . Using low fat butter results in the cookie dough spreading and becoming too soft. Many people also become confused as to which butter to use, salted or unsalted. The answer is; whichever you prefer. Butter has a very limited amount of salt which does not affect the taste of the cookies much.

2. Flour

Flour is another main ingredient that is responsible for the structure of the cookies. The gluten present in flour forms a sort of a framework or a web that captures the air bubbles and gasses that arise during baking. This framework assists in giving the cookies their texture and structure. The level of protein content in the flour used affects the strength and sturdiness of the dough.

Flours with higher protein content, for instance bread flour, have higher amounts of gluten, which yields a tougher product. This is ideal for baking yeast breads, however not while baking cookies. Similarly, Flours with lower protein levels like all-purpose flour have lower gluten content which results in a more tender structure, ideal for baking soft and delicious cookies.

3. Sugar

What’s a cookie without sugar? Sugar has three main objectives: it sweetens the cookies, makes them soft and tender and gives them the goldish brown hue that makes them appealing. Sugar aids in holding moisture, which is what makes the cookies tender. The crystal texture of sugar helps give structure to the cookies by making space filled with carbon dioxide when the gasses begin to arise.

What’s your secret ingredient for baking cookies?

Are you someone who bakes cookies on a regular basis? If yes then share your recipes with us and let us try out something new. Incase you try baking cookies using our method, let us know how the results came out!

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